Home & Kitchen

Lilly Pulitzer, the American fashion designer, has a very cool line of product assigned in the category of home and kitchen. More focus, Lilly Pulitzer home and kitchen which will include drinkware and furniture is a very famous part of this brand.

In the category of drinkware, you can find simple glasses like the model Lilly Pulitzer Tumblers (Set of 8), She She Shells, or a glass similar to the Starbucks for the coffee like Lilly Pulitzer Tumbler with Straw, She She Shells, until crystal glass for drink wine o similar, like the very representative model, which is Lilly Pulitzer Acrylic Wine Glasses – Nice Tail.

This line is absolutely very colorful, with a point of modern mixed with traditional things. This perfect combination is gotten by the designer playing with the colors and the figures, used for giving style to her products. The products of this line from Lilly Pulitzer are for anyone, because of these products are for all of ages.

You will find drinkware younger, or products which are more serious. There is one perfect drinkware for any situation.Foe example, taking the plastic glass of coffee for going to work or study, or simply to take away. On the other side, booking the cups for special situations or celebrations, and using the normal glass for have lunch at home every day could be a good option.

You will find, in this line, of products, lot of colors, lot of types and shapes, and different sizes of each one. Each product is different of the previous one, so just look carefully one by one and, when you fall in love, choose it!

On the other hand, in the same section of Lilly Pulitzer home and kitchen which will include drinkware and furniture too, has the essential part which is about furniture. In this part, you will find the opportunity of buying a pink chair, a custom sheet or perhaps you would fall in love with the little table together with the beautiful pink sofa.

There are doors which look chocolate, cushions and a great variety of little things of decoration. In this line, the color predominant is, really, pink. You can see in different tones, since the highest or dark, until the lowest and so light than perhaps it costs you to appreciate. For, example, the model of shelf from Lilly Pulitzer if very classic, while in the other side, the models of armchairs are very bright.

This line of products are very demanded by teenagers (mostly, by girls) for decorate their room and look like a princess. It also has products for any age, but there are a lot of products for young people. It can imagine by little girls like a princes castle where every is of pink color.

Now, about the price, the designer is famous, so it is not very cheap. The price of these brand are a litter bit more expensive than the same product without the brand. It means that perhaps one normal sofa costs around $2,000, so a sofa designed by Lilly Pulitzer costs $200 more.