Women’s Fashion

Lilly Pulitzer has been a staple in the American household for over half a century. Her product line is known for being colorful and bright while still providing the sophistication that socialites look for. Lilly Pulitzer womens fashion which will include shoes, sleepwear, and swimwear, continue to be the most sought after style. From her signature bold colors to the classic Palm Beach floral print, owning a Lilly Pulitzer product, is owning a piece of American fashion history.

The story of how Lilly Pulitzer came to be in the fashion industry is no secret. The creativity of designing a product as a way to disguise stains is what put Lilly Pulitzer in the limelight. Her style caught the eye of some of the most elite of socialites such as Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. Even with the ever changing styles in fashion, Lilly Pulitzer designs are always a hit.

Floral prints, colors of pink and green, even with solid colors and patterns, you always know when it is a Lilly Pulitzer design. Her influence is featured in every type of product that is branded with her name on it. Although, she started off designing women’s fashion, her work of art has now branched off into men and children fashion as well as bedding. You will even find her signature flare across business and office supplies through her line of stationary products.

Prior to her death in 2013, Lilly Pulitzer put her seal of approval on new fashion designs and styles, colors, materials even collaboration of new product lines. When she embarked into the world of fashion, she was dubbed as the, “Queen of Prep.” Anybody was anybody in the world of high society donned a bold and beautiful Lilly Pulitzer design. All of her products symbolize the resort lifestyle with a twist of flair. She not only represents this in her products but in her stores as well. Each store is uniquely designed based upon its location.

Lilly Pulitzer lived the life that most women desired. Her lifestyle can be felt in the style and design of all of her products. Being vivacious, bold and full of life is the message she sends through her designs. Lilly has always said life is about being happy and living in the moment, which is why she created her products to be as bold as they are. Floral prints and bright colors are symbolic of a resort lifestyle, as well as being warm and inviting. Whenever she threw a gathering, everyone was invited. She lived out her dream and followed her heart of fashion.

Throughout time, Lilly has been an inspiration to fashionista’s all over. Whether she is designing a shift dress for women, suits for men, sundress for children or a throw pillow for your couch, Lilly’s touch can be derived from each product. Shift dresses and bright, spill proof uniforms may have been what started her legacy, however her life and mind is what kept it going for more than half a century. Surrounding yourself with a design inspired and created by Lilly Pulitzer, is like surrounding yourself with sunshine, laughter and happiness each day.